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ISBN#  9780991291106     SQL Server 2012 Prep and Reference for Exam 70-461

SQL Server 2012 Prep and Reference for Exam 70-461 is the first in a series covering Microsoft's premium database product, SQL Server. This, and all subsequent books on Microsoft SQL Server, uses Microsoft's published list of certification test contents to identify the important elements of SQL Server according to Microsoft. 18 Chapters divide the topic list for the T-SQL development Exam 70-461. The chapters are grouped into sections. The sections are those provided by Microsoft in grouping the test topics. Using this Jake's Book as a resource, you can quickly organize your strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the test. Using this Jake's Book you can practice scores of examples to test the for use in your work. Unlike singly-focused certification resources, this Jake's Book prepares you for the exam AND provides you a quick reference and demo to use in your work.




1 Tables
3 Constraints
4 DML Triggers
5 Query Data by Using SELECT Statements
6 Dynamic T-SQL and System Metadata Queries
7 Implement Sub-Queries
8 Implement Data Types
9 Implement Aggregate Queries
10 Query and Manage XML Data
11 Create and Alter Stored Procedures (Simple Statements)
12 Modify Data by Using INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE Statements
13 Combine Datasets
14 Work With Functions
15 Optimize Queries
16 Manage Transactions
17 Row-Based Operations vs. Set-Based Operations
18 Implement Error Handling
19 Notes
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