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ISBN#  9780615233260     The Identities of God and Man

The "Identities of God and Man" is the most basic explanation of Christianity since Martin Luther.
The "Identities" book shows us God the Creator and Man his Image and demonstrates that personal meaning proceeds from these Identities instead of what we do. Judeo Christianity is a system of thought from the mind of the Creator God. TO understand this system, remove all your presuppositions about Go and mankind and begin with his definition of us. Verify his definitions by observing mankind.
Perhaps the most compelling part of the "Identities" book is the reconnection of forgiveness to daily living that the early Christians enjoyed.
The "Identities" book is written for broken people who have read countless books searching for purpose and meaning only to be disappointed.




1 Understanding Human Existence
2 Commonality of Personhood
3 Why Christianity is True
4 The Creator
5 The Creator's Rights
6 The Creator's Sufficiency
7 Natural Rights
8 Power of Choice
9 Heart and Personhood
10 God Judges the Heart
11 The Introduction of Evil
12 New Rules for Man and Nature
13 Perfect Man, Perfect Solution
14 Once Paid This Debt Cannot be Re-instated
15 A New Identity
16 Why the Christian Exists on Earth
17 The Trouble Spots
18 Miscellaneous Matters

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