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Jake's Story

She wanted a dog when the kids moved out. After reading a number of books on the topic, and calling upon her youthful experience with dogs, she went to the dog rescue place to begin her search.

Unlike other dogs, Jake hung-back from the front of the cage in the shelter. He made himself as small as he could, balled-up in a corner watching everything. This struck her so much she asked to see Jake out of the cage. He was glad to see her! He danced around her compulsively explaining his ideas about a publishing company.

Apparently, his prior owners were not that into the idea so he ran off in search of a more receptive owner. Once it became clear that Jake is friendly, smart and eager-to-please, the publishing partnership became a no-brainer. Jake's Books was born.

Jake on Technical Books

One day Jake shared his vision as he gnawed on a chewy. "The technical world needs clearly written, efficient explanations" he said, "to replace the wordy, wandering pontifications of experts. Programmers and administrators need to know "things" as quickly as possible. They need a resource to fill-in the missing pieces when they prepare to take certification tests. They need a quick reference for that forgotten idea when trying to get a project out the door."

Jake is exactly correct about this. Our first book in a series, "SQL Server 2012 Prep and Reference for Exam 70-461" is available through this site, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Jake on Philosophy and Religion

Jake is a materialist and completely focused on self-fulfillment. Food, relief, naps, play, chewing; a very simple life; a dog's life and it is good. One of his owners thinks life is more complicated. There are relationships, parallel universes, a Creator and a host of issues that confront a thinking person.

"The Identities of God and Man" address these issues. It is also available through this site, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Jake Wants Writers

Jake wants to publish other technical writers that share his vision of nature of technical books. Contact him if you have a technical book that fits his vision. If you have one that doesn't fit the vision and need it rewritten to fit the vision, we can help with that too.